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Not everyone had a Trinket, Vex thought during a lazy afternoon tickle fight-turned-cuddle session with her most excellent bear. In fact, most people wouldn't want a Trinket, but that was because they lacked appreciation for the finest things in life. They probably would've liked him better when he was still a cub.

Aaaaaw, Trink had been so fucking cute when he was a baby.

Baby animals were always cute. Even the dangerous ones.

Whether it was a harmless twist to her brother's penchant for pranks or a desire to shake things up a little in this resort prison that was way too quiet or hint of boredom and curiosity about the limited magic Vex had, she couldn't say, but one Conjure Animals later, and her room was full of small, fluffy, cuddly baby animals... and one much larger bear sniffing at them in confusion.

Looking very pleased with herself – and okay, a little surprised at just how many fuzzballs there were – Vex opened the door to her room. "There are lots of people here. Go make friends and have some fun."

The animals tumbled, stalk-pounced, and hopped out of her room and all over the inn looking for people to play with, and just before they were out of her sight, Vex added, "And if you see my brother... you can pee on him if you want."

[OOC: fey creatures in the form of baby animals invade the inn for an hour. have fun. feel free to link to pics or gifs of the cuteness in your tags if you'd like.]
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The water in the pool smelled funny and stung her eyes a bit, but it was the first water she'd come across and all Curnen knew when she'd left her room was she couldn't sleep and she wanted to go swimming.

She tended to make most decisions on a whim, these days. That was a scar left behind by Rockhouse's magic. There was barely a breath of space between wanting a thing and doing a thing, if it was possible to do. Riding the night wind was impossible, but most other things she gave in at once. Usually, it had to do with eating. Her body and mind still had not gotten used to the idea that food was readily available, so whenever she was offered something, she'd take it even if she wasn't hungry.

When she'd arrived at the pool, it had crossed her mind briefly that she had no bathing suit. It had barely flitted across her mind that she could go get one right now in the one of the hotel's shops. But she wanted to be in the water right at that moment, and between that and the promise of the night wind on her skin--even if she could not ride!--she stripped, left her clothes on the deck, and slipped into the water so smoothly there was barely a ripple.

Much as she wanted to be a person again, it was hard. Speech was hard. Walking upright all the time was hard. Clothes were hard. Shoes were hardest, she hadn't even bothered with them. The water had no fish, plants, no life to flutter against her skin, but it would do just fine.

She came up after a long moment, taking in a full, deep gulp of air. Her hair hung in her face like weed and she pushed it out of the way.

Someone was nearby, and she smiled without shame. "H'lo," she said.


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