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23/7/17 15:01
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They said that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That was definitely the case with Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Normally he was content to be one of the players in a tabletop RPG game but when the call went out for experienced people to GM he volunteered, cackling madly the entire time.

That said, he put a lot of work into his campaign. He wanted everyone to have fun and get to know each other better. If that was partially accomplished through a bit of mutual, friendly disgust for their GM? Well, he was willing to make that happen if that's what it took.

Harry had the character sheets out on the table in front of him as well as the little stand he'd make to hide all of his information behind. Dice had been scavenged from various boxes so that they had enough to use. Eventually he might try to make a 20 sided die but that wasn't at the top of his priority list when getting this all together. If someone else brought some then that was great, otherwise they would make due.

There were snacks as well, food and drink to make the event that much more enticing. Harry was mostly here for a part of home that he missed. As much as parts of this place were nice; the mind numbing boredom, the love of his life, and the lack of things trying to kill him, he missed his friends from home. There were more here than there used to be but he missed the relationships he had. Maybe this was a way to forge some new friendships.

"Step right up," he said, gesturing wide with his arms to no one in particular. "Have a seat and let's fine out who you are!"

[Gathering post for the DnD game! Come join one of the tables and meet some people!]
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Steph asks for cake, she gets cake - and Vax gets to meet one of the Inn's most charming residents in the process.

Cake is a wonderful thing to owe people, because sometimes they'll share when you pay your debts. )


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